You want what? Not in Newfoundland

Rant warning!

Have you ever noticed how your location impacts design because of availability of products?

I live in a terrific city, St. John's,  on a beautiful island, Newfoundland, in the North Atlantic known for its culture and brightly coloured homes.

 But there is a downside to living on an island; it doesn't always provide ready access to a lot of products especially in interior design.   Judging by the homes for sale on in my local area,  this is a common problem for more than me or my clients. That being said, every now and then you find the perfect solution to your design quandary at local businesses.  It just shouldn't be a sporadic event.

Yes, I know in this world of technology anything is possible, but if you are super fussy about undertones and/or comfort, it would not be smart to order a big ticket item without setting your eyes on said object.  That leaves custom ordering from fabric samples and hopefully a floor model to test for comfort and waiting 8 to 10 weeks or more. Is my impatience showing?

 What about when you need something in a few weeks or you don't have a grand budget?  Back to roaming the limited selections and hoping something has magically appeared since your last visit.  Sometimes it has!  

I admit trying to find  the simplest things often cause me the most angst.   Now don't get me wrong, I am not looking for odd or far out things. I love more soothing, monochromatic schemes and often describe my own personal style as blah with lots of art and fine craft. Sometimes blah is difficult to achieve! 

 I went to Homesense weekly for six months to find the type of lamp I wanted for my living room.  I was just not willing to spend $200.00 on a lamp.

My lamp and another Homesense gift from a friend

The last month has passed me by as I tried to source a specific wallpaper for my upcoming kitchen reno.  

 I  finally located  sources for  the mosaic wallpaper in the US and England.  Perfect you might think.  So did I, until I found out the $7.00  US  6 x 6 in. sample would cost me $56.00 by the time it was delivered to my door. That didn't include GST or whatever else Canada Post decides to ding you with at the door.  Not going to happen!  Move on to the next idea.

More than colour and next to texture, I love subtle patterns and in tile the Italians know how to do pattern well.  Again I knew what I wanted,  I could even paint a picture of it if requested. That's  more depressing when you can do that,  and I have seriously considered painting my own  tile if all else fails!


 Online I found the exact thing I wanted  on a tile site in England.  With hope I tried two local tile suppliers who assured me nobody is looking for patterned tile like that.  I am!  I am all about monochromatic patterns.  It's just not in style in this area I was told.  More reason to choose it in my book.   I have visions of me getting the 15 sq. feet  I need in England this fall and making all 7 of my travel companions each carry some home for me. Don't laugh this might happen, if I can't find a Canadian supplier or a comparable tile .  One last place to check out.  Fingers crossed.

And IKEA's  floating shelves are only available onsite.  That's my latest disappointment.

I am worn out before the kitchen reno even begins.

 Do you have similar frustrations where you live?  How do you get around them?

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